In my 1990s fantasy, Witches are the quintessential cool-girls. Clad all in black, their makeshift covens made a variety of characters possible; I would metamorphose from the nihilist spiky punk to a more accommodating dark reincarnation of Stevie Nicks, depending on the mood of the day. More hard-hitting than Buffy, I wanted them always on my team to avenge all injustice. I yearned for their sisterhood (Charmed), their warmth reserved only for each other. Yet I never really found my fellow Witches. They remained objects of the imagination while I wore kilts and boots and dyed my hair black and was obliging. Somehow I still feel like I missed out.

This Maiden Issue of Sabat goes out to teen Witches of all ages, exploring Witchcraft today. Encouraging a coven of thought, it preaches a fearless approach to finding the powers within. Sabat champions tactile creativity in this screen-orientated world. In search of community, the lone Witch sets out on a quest to find her sisters and discovers the Internet and the #WitchesofInstagram. Rik Garrett shares his reflections on historical Witchcraft, and what inspired him to do Earth Magic. We join Nona Limmen on a brisk pilgrimage to the underworld in Dimm Lönd, and sit down with poet Segovia Amil to talk esoteric empowering archetypes. In I Know We Are Cool, we let luscious love potions simmer while Arvida Byström engages in some tech-age hexing. Last but not least, we hope a reprint of Arthur Machen's The White People will leave you comfortably chilled.


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Main article: Bittersweetie, 
by Pam Grossman

Black Magic Fashion, by Lucius Matthiesen

Satanic Feminism, by Lisen Haglund

Maidens Of The Tarot, by Lucius Matthiesen

La Femme Fatale, by Elisabeth Krohn






and profiles

Jas Helena 

Fay Nowitz

Rik Garrett

Segovia Amil

Katarina Pachjel






Photography editorials

Dimm Lönd, by Nona Limmen

Nightshade, by Simone Steenberg

Poison Ivy, by Lolo Bates

A Lover's Discourse, by Adrenus Craton

Get Your Rocks Off

Your Face Or Mine?, by Adrenus Craton

I Know We Are Cool, by Arvida Byström


And more

The White People, by Arthur Machen

Witches on films.

Witches on instagram.

Tarot decks.


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