D&AD Awards Indie Magazine 2017 

How witchcraft became a brand

'Sabat' Is the Magazine For the Modern Witch

Cakes can cause mass hysteria, and other takeaways from October’s Nicer Tuesdays
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Meet the speakers: Mikey Please, Eliza Hatch, Dylan Griffith and Elisabeth Krohn
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Sabat magazine completes the Triple Goddess trilogy with the Crone Issue
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Stack Awards announces shortlist for best magazines of the year
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Inventive independent magazines with hidden surprises, revealed by Stack
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Sabat magazine explores the world of contemporary witchcraft with style
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Sabat #4 Elements

Out now: Sabat #3, The Crone Issue

At work with: Elisabeth Krohn, editor, Sabat

Out now: Sabat #1

Magculture 2016 personal highlights

Magculture Podcast
Episode 2 - London Art Book Fair, September 2018

Our growing fascination with witchcraft
The Week

5 Magazine Trends We are Predicting for 2017
Eye on Design — Aiga

No. 206: ModMag is Back, A Witchy New Tarot Deck, the Aesthetics of Resistance + More
Eye on Design — Aiga

“Mysticore” is the New Norm: Inside the trend that’s casting its spell over the culture

7 Ways To Witchify Your Life

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PHÉNOMÈNE: nos sorcières bien-aimées
ELLE France, 20 janvier 2017

Sabat Magazine launch!

Sabat Magazine 1, The Maiden Issue
Fonts in use

Influence: Contemporary Witchcraft and the New Mysticism

Die Rückkehr der Hexen
Zeit Online

Hex, Hex...
Jolie Issue #05/18

Retiros femeninos: los aquelarres del siglo XXI a los que querrás unirte
Condé Nast Traveler



From tarot cards to macabre hoodies: why witchcraft is all the rage
The Guardian

The season of the witch: how Sabrina and co are casting their spell over TV
The Guardian

Opinion: Season of the Witch
The New York Times

How to embrace your inner witch

Do You Believe in Magick?
Elle UK

European Design Awards 2018
Silver Prize

How Witchcraft Continues to Cast its Spell on Artists’s Magical Thinking

Something wicked this way comes: Sabat Magazine
Culture Stories

The Witch in All of Us
Riposte Magazine

Lit Thursday: Bewitching Reads
Lenny Letter

Frizzi Frizzi

Podcast: Elisabeth Krohn, Sabat magazine
Stack Magazines

Uncovering Sabat magazine’s hidden occult designs
Stack Magazines

Behind the scenes: Sabat magazine
Stack Magazines

Stack Awards: Shortlisted Magazine of the Year 2017
Stack Magazines

Stack Awards: Shortlisted Art Director of the Year 2017
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Sampler: Sabat magazine
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Peachy meets Elisabeth from Sabat
Peachy press

An Interview with Elisabeth Krohn, Editor-in-Chief at Sabat Magazine

Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue
People of Print

Sabat Magazine: The Crone Issue
Haute Macabre

Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue
Haute Macabre

Sabat Magazine: The Maiden Issue
Haute Macabre

Sabat Magazine #1: Female empowerment and #witches
Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Kobra Säsong 19 - Avsnitt 2: Häxans återkomst
SVT Play

Häxan som politiskt verktyg

Revista Sabat, las brujas invaden Halloween
Rayitas Azules

Rayitas Azules, an interview with Elisabeth Krohn
Rayitas Azules

Modern day witches share their secrets to getting money and nabbing your dream job
The Sun

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